Friday, June 2, 2017

Selby Mosquito Spraying

Good evening Selby,
Mosquito spraying will begin Sunday, 11 June 2017 and will continue every Sunday anytime between 7:00pm and 2:30am. Residents who do not wish their property to be sprayed may file an exemption. The exemption policy and form can be found at: .

It is suggested that on spray nights to stay indoors, shut windows, turn off window AC units, bring in pet dishes, children's toys, etc.

For further information:
- 410-841-5870

For information on the products used:

Thank you

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Selby Weekly - 3 April 2017

Good morning Selby!
Here is your weekly update for the week of 3 April 2017. 

Have a great week!

Monday - Girl Scouts - 6pm
Tuesday - Mayo Community Meeting (Mayo Elementary 7pm)
Wednesday - Selby Board Meeting - 7pm
Thursday - Band practice

 * Thank you to everyone who donated, stuffed, attended, set up, cleaned up and had fun at our Selby Hop-To-The-Beach on Sunday! It was great weather and a good time! 

* Please be sure to attend the Mayo Community Meeting tonight at Mayo Elementary at 7pm. A lot of folks have been asking - The Rural Conservation Bill was defeated so we’re done right? Not quite. Come on out and get an update as to what is happening on the Peninsula and how you can help! 

* 1st Friday Happy Hour will be cancelled this month, but next month is May and you know what that means? Cinco de Mayo! Start planning out those celebratory mexifest recipes to share with all.

* We do have a newsletter sign-up on the website - It is new so even if you have signed up for the newsletter before, please do so again. The Selby newsletter is called The Bay Winds and hopefully we can start getting copies out as soon as we reorganize the process. Thank you for your patience!

That’t it for this week! Have a great week and hope to see you tonight at Mayo Elementary!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

26 March - Selby Weekly

Good morning Selby!
It’s been a crazy long time since an update and I apologize for that. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Hope Spring is finally here!

Selby Calendar for the Week
Monday - Girl Scouts - 6pm
Tuesday - Cheer - 7pm
Wednesday - Cheer - 6pm
Key fobs, clubhouse reservations - 7pm
Easter egg stuffing/donation drop-off - 6:30pm (small back room)
Thursday - Band Practice - 7:30pm

* Hop-To-The-Beach - 2 April 11am to 1pm
Our annual Selby Easter egg hunt and fun day will be on Sunday, 2 April from 11am to 1pm. We’re looking for volunteers to help with the activities. This would be a great opportunity for any teens who are looking for service hours too. If you are interested, then please email
* Kayak Rack Reservations - Opening 2 April - after Hop-To-The-Beach
Kayak rack reservations will open right after the Hop-To-The-Beach. Spaces will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. You can find information about kayak rack rental space on the Selby website beach page.
* Mayo Peninsula Meeting - 4 April - 7pm
The Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula will be having an informational meeting with the residents of the Mayo Peninsula. This group is a volunteer group dedicated to protecting the quality of life here on the Peninsula. They will speaking about the traffic, emergency services, schools, water, sewer, development and will be taking questions as well. The meeting will be held at Mayo Elementary like the meeting last year with hopes of just as many people! Mark your calendars and make a point to be there!! 
* Not My Child Presentation - 12 April - 7:30pm
The heroin problem in Anne Arundel County has grown to tremendous proportions and law enforcement and county officials are struggling to provide information and services. I am happy to bring Not My Child to Selby and the Mayo Peninsula. Not My Child is a presentation that is making it’s rounds around the county. The presentation begins with a short video and followed by a panel of speakers who are willing to answer questions and refer those in need to the help that they need. Not My Child is a very important presentation that everyone needs to see at least once and PLEASE bring your tweens and teens!! If you can not make the 12th, then please keep an eye out for other dates at other venues. New dates and locations are being scheduled every day.
* April Happy Hour - 7 April - 7pm
The Thursdays will be playing at the 1st Friday Happy Hour in April! Mark your calendars and hop down. BYOB and bring a snack to share. The band is really good and it’s a great time to chill and chat with neighbors. There will be no activities for children at this event.
* New Newsletter Sign-Up
Finally our newsletter subscription is automated! This is will make distributing the monthly Bay Winds a lot easier. To sign-up, go the Selby website at and fill out the subscription form. If you have signed up for the newsletter before, then please take the time to do so again using the form on the Selby website. Thanks!

Well, that’s it for the week! Hope everyone has a great week!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March Police Meeting - Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers - Darrell Hanger and Sandra Smolnicky

At the March police community meeting, they had a guest speaker come in to update everyone on the heroin problem in Anne Arundel county in which he mentioned has surpassed an ‘epidemic’ and has become a ‘plague’. Listening to his presentation, it’s getting really scary out there and the police department and county are doing all that they can to deal with the issues. Below I am posting a picture of the sign outside the police station. If you are unaware, they keep the board updated with heroin overdoses and deaths. I go to the meetings every month and will continue to post an updated picture each month so everyone can see how this really can be described as a plague. It is only mid-March and the overdoses are up to 237 with deaths at 23.

This month Mr. Darrell Hanger discussed oxycodone then and now. He described the first uses of oxycodone was to make terminal patients more comfortable. Doctors then began prescribing the drug to relieve everyone’s pain and they began prescribing it a lot and often. There has always been an addiction component to oxycodone and everyday people began not being able to live without the drug. Those that became addicted began to panic and sought out a replacement drug when restrictions were placed on oxycodone prescriptions. In stepped heroin. It was cheap, easy and available.

There is not a face to heroin. It can be the lady down the street or your kids’ best friends’ father. It’s leaching into the schools and can even be the quiet boy standing at the bus stop or your daughter’s boyfriend. There is no one type of person. To make the situation scarier, heroin mixes called ‘scramble’ are beginning to show up as well and these are even more deadly. The public has heard about Fentanyl, but there is a new one that is even more dangerous and it is called Carfentanil. Carfentanil is an elephant tranquilizer and is extremely dangerous. We were told at the meeting that one officer had a reaction to the chemical after his hands came in contact with it and he had to be sent to the hospital.

What is the county doing? The county is doing an excellent job at informing the public about the dangers of heroin, signs to look for and, more importantly, how to get help. The police department and the health department are working tirelessly to wake up folks to the problem with programs like No Child Left Behind. I’ve been to one and I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone and bring your kids!! Police are carrying Narcan now and there is a training course for the public so that they too can carry Narcan. Narcan is Naloxone which neutralizes opioids in the system immediately. It is not a cure, but it can buy valuable time (about 20-30 minutes) until emergency help arrives. Many lives have been saved using Narcan.

Along with heroin, the speakers talked about gateway drugs. A gateway drug is a drug that is used and eventually stops producing the required ‘high’ and the user goes on to something stronger. Alcohol and marijuana are the most common gateway drugs. Alcohol usage among teens is very high as well as marijuana usage and kids are starting earlier. Sandra Smolnicky from the Department of Health reported that about 12% of teens were smoking cigarettes and 37% of them were smoking marijuana and she stressed that the marijuana today is NOT the marijuana of yesteryears. Today’s marijunana is stronger with about 3 times higher THC levels and is often laced with something else.

Finally, the police reported that the majority of auto ‘break-ins’ were due to heroin use. Last year 3,000 cars were broken into last year. Spare change was being taken as well as anything else left in the car of any value. Police are STRONGLY urging people to NOT leave things like purses, wallets or computers in their cars and in plain sight. Police are begging people to LOCK THEIR CAR DOORS! The majority of cars are not broken into, but merely opened. Police also mentioned that we are entering spring and items such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers are commonly stolen and to keep your sheds locked. Also, there are a lot of boat thefts where radios, fishing rods and depth finders are stolen out of boats. Keep in mind that a bag of heroin is approximately $10. Look in your car and you may see enough to feed a habit well for a couple days.

Next month, we were told that Jen Corbin will be at the police meeting. She runs the Mobile Crisis Unit and she is an amazing person to listen to. She is on the panel of Not My Child and is very passionate about what she does and it comes through clearly when she speaks to a group. Meetings are every 3rd Thursday of the month at the South County Police Department right there on Stepneys Lane. Please make a point to be there. Keep your eye out for updates. Also, put a note on your calendar and if you can catch a Not My Child program, then please take the kids and go see that. The county is asking for your help - if you can’t use the resources in your own world, then be a resource for others. Carry the knowledge and maybe you’ll be able to steer someone in need in the right direction.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!! Travel safe and enjoy the day!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Weekly Update - 22 August 2016

Good evening Selby,
Hopefully everyone has had a chance to get back to school, meet their teachers and adjust schedules. This is a week of serious transition going from the summer back to the rigors and schedules of school. As you are filling out the mass paperwork and writing all those checks for school fees, please take a moment to read through this week’s updates.

Band Practice - 7:00pm

Zumba - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Ladies Night - 7:30pm

Coming up…

  • Special Meeting of the Community Association - 29 August
   There will be a special meeting of the Selby community association on 29 August at 7:30pm at the Selby Community Center. This meeting will to vote on amendments to the bylaws and constitution. We would like to add a position and subtract a position. You must be present to vote and you must be a property holder.

  • 2nd Annual Howl-At-The-Moon - 17 September
    Our 2nd Annual Howl-At-The-Moon will be on 17 September from 5:30pm to 10:00pm. This is our last hoorah as we say goodbye to summer under the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. Farmers long ago would use the light of the full moon to harvest the last of the summer crops. Our own Selby band, The Thursdays, will be playing and everyone is welcome to bring down their coolers and corn hole and get ready for the colder days to follow. There is a Sign Up Genius set up, but you may also email with your donation. 

  • SCA Elections - 18 September
   The elections of a new Selby Community Association will be held on 18 September. The meeting will begin at 2:00pm and voting will follow with a light lunch buffet for voters. Keep a look out for the election edition of the Bay Winds.

  • Community Yard Sale - 24 September
   Selby will be hosting a community yard sale on 24 September. If you would like to participate, then please email your address by 4 September to Please include a brief item description ~ i.e. kids toys, clothes, furniture, etc. If you have already sent in your address, then please email again with item descriptions. This information may help yard salers. A map will be put together so that folks know where to look. It is strongly encouraged that those having yard sales make a copy of this map to hand out at their yard sales as well. Additionally, if your kids would like to set up stands like lemonade or coffee and donuts, then please let me know and I’ll put that on the map too! This is a great opportunity for them to make a little cash and yard saling is hard work! 

  • It is the beginning of school. There will be kids standing on the side of our streets without sidewalks and kids crossing the roads. School is exciting and the minute that bus stops, the kids are rushing to it (except for the high schoolers). PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE…slow down when driving through community streets. Also, set down that cell phone. A child’s life is not worth that text AND it is illegal and a primary offense! Lastly, it is illegal to pass a school bus. Keep an eye out and when those lights are flashing…you are stopping! Scooting around the back corner of the bus to drive up a street counts too. Stay put and let the kids board the bus safely.

Have an excellent week and a great start to this school year!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selby Weekly - 8 August

*Sorry this is so late. I thought I had posted it.*

Good afternoon Selby!
Hopefully this will be a slightly cooler week. Sadly, we are on the downward spiral towards the first day of school - 22 August for a staggered entrance for grades 1-5, 6 and 9 with everyone in grades 1-12 going back on the 23rd. Check the Selby website ( for more information concerning the first day of school, supply lists and Back-To-School nights. Here are the highlights of the week along with a quick look ahead!

School Supply Drive for Edgewater Books

School supplies are REALLY cheap right now. Have some fun and pick some out for those kids who are in need! I’ll be collecting supplies Wednesday night, but if you can’t make it, then please drop some off at Edgewater Books located a few shops down from the Steakhouse. This is the last week Edgewater Books will be collecting so let’s make it count!! Below is a list of suggested items.

Backpacks (boys and girls, try to avoid themed backpacks)
Pencil boxes
Tissues (personal size)
Sandwich size zip lock bags
Gallon size zip lock bags
Crayola twistable crayons
Crayola box crayons
colored pencils
Ticonderoga pencils
Post It Notes
plastic pocket folders (red, green, blue)
gum erasers (preferably the pink ones)
blackie sharpie markers
index cards
liquid hand soap (personal size)
wet wipes (individual packages)




17 September
Howl-At-The-Moon End of Summer Beach Party

We are gearing up for our 2nd annual Howl-At-The-Moon Beach Party! A sign-up genius will be posted soon so look out for that. If there is anything that anyone would like to contribute, then please email Last year we had an amazing impromptu show from some folks with fire and hoops. If anyone is friends with them, then please email the address as well. Last year was really good! Let’s make this year better!!

18 September
Selby Community Association Election Day

We’ll be going through our election process again this year. More information will be coming out real soon. Stay tuned for that!

24 September
Community Yard Sale

We’ll be having a community yard sale on 24 September. If you know that you will be having a yard sale that day and you live in Selby-On-The-Bay, then please email with your address. A map will be made of all yard sale addresses. I highly recommend making copies to give out to yard sale folks as they come around so they know who to visit. If anyone would like to do some advertising, then that would be helpful. Please have all addresses in no later than 4 September. Thanks!

Have a great last week of summer for our teachers and last 2 weeks for the kiddos!